Century AI educational platform introduced in Egypt


Wed, 24 Apr 2019 - 12:32 GMT

Artificial intelligence - CC via Pixabay/geralt

Artificial intelligence - CC via Pixabay/geralt

CAIRO - 24 April 2019: The British International School, Cairo (BISC) is introducing in September Century, which is an award-winning teaching and learning platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI), being the first in the country to adopt such software that maximizes the potential of pupils and teachers.

As pupils learn on CENTURY, every click, score, and interaction is recorded. This data feeds into artificially intelligent algorithms that learn how each individual learns and plots the most effective route through learning material for each individual. Gaps in foundational knowledge are quickly identified and remedied, weaknesses are scaffolded and strengths built upon; with automated, constructive feedback provided. Tailored material is provided, based on a range of factors including a pupil’s focus, emotional state and their pace of learning. The platform also learns how each learner retains knowledge and develops their understanding of topics and can hence provide everyone with the best possible learning experience.

CENTURY supports teachers by automating the time-consuming and unrewarding tasks that don’t require a teacher’s talents. The platform marks work, collates data, analyses performance, and allows teachers to quickly assign ready-made activities for pupils. This allows teachers to spend more time on the humanizing, high-impact aspects of teaching. Their impact is further enhanced by CENTURY’s teacher dashboards, which give teachers deep insights into pupils understandings and effort levels.

Research involving more than 11,000 students using CENTURY showed that using the platform improves understanding of a topic by an average of 30 percent. It also frees up teachers time from admin tasks like marking and planning - saving each teacher an average of six hours a week, allowing them to focus on actually teaching.

Last month, CENTURY Tech agreed a landmark agreement with the Belgium government. As the leading teaching and learning platform that uses genuine artificial intelligence in its design, CENTURY Tech is rapidly spreading across the world, from leading English independent schools to schools in Lebanon educating large numbers of Syrian refugees.

CENTURY was developed by CENTURY Tech, a London-based technology company founded by Priya Lakhani OBE in 2015.

Artificial intelligence – where machines are programmed to perform tasks traditionally associated with humans – is transforming education across the world. It is used to tailor learning to each student, while freeing teachers’ time to teach by automating admin tasks like marking and planning. It also provides them with extensive data on each child’s performance, allowing for more effective targeted interventions to support or stretch students.



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