Results of Egyptians' vote in New Zealand, Australia sent to NEA: Min.


Mon, 22 Apr 2019 - 02:31 GMT

FILE- Egypt’s Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram

FILE- Egypt’s Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram

CAIRO – 22 April 2019: Immigration Minister Nabila Makram said that the results of the Egyptian expats' vote on the constitutional amendments in New Zealand and Australia were sent to the National Election Authority (NEA), as the referendum there concluded.

In an interview with Egypt Today, Makram said that Egyptians in a large number of European countries are still voting in the referendum for the third day, affirming that the U.S. will be the last country to end the vote.

She added that the ministry's operations chamber has received 230 inquiries concerning the referendum.

The chamber has monitored some malicious campaigns on social media, which aim at weakening the will of Egyptians, Makram said, adding that the ministry was keen to communicate with the Egyptians abroad to encourage them to take part in the referendum and contribute to confronting these campaigns.

Sunday (local time) marks the last day of voting for Egyptian expats in the referendum on draft constitutional amendments that started on April 19 in 124 countries with140 polling stations.

Expat voters need to bring a valid Egyptian passport or an Egyptian national ID whether valid or expired as stated by the rules set by the National Elections Authority (NEA).



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