High turnout of voters worldwide in referendum on amendments: Ministry



Fri, 19 Apr 2019 - 02:04 GMT


Fri, 19 Apr 2019 - 02:04 GMT

An Egyptian expat with his son casts his vote on the constitutional amendments at the embassy of Dubai- Press photo

An Egyptian expat with his son casts his vote on the constitutional amendments at the embassy of Dubai- Press photo

CAIRO – 19 April 2019: The operations chamber of Egypt's Ministry of Immigration has realized that a large number of Egyptians worldwide, especially the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Jordan besides Australia, according to an official statement.

The citizens abroad were welcomed to vote their ballot in the referendum on some constitutional amendments that started on Friday, and is set to continue until Sunday, according to the local time of each country.

Also a large number of women, youth, people with special needs, old citizens have flocked to the polling stations in the headquarters of the Egyptian diplomatic offices.

The chamber has received around 30 inquiries regarding the document needed for voting, the statement said, adding that the chamber said that expats can vote by their passports. Also the chamber responded to other inquiries facing each person, according to the statement.

The chamber also explained that those who have no address on their national ID cards cannot currently vote, as they are not registered in the voters' database.

Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram earlier held a meeting on Friday morning, with the members of the operations chamber, where she directed receiving complaints and inquiries and deal with them. She also ordered to activate the hotline with the National Election Authority (NEA) to respond to inquiries about the voting process abroad.

Egyptian expatriates started a three-day voting on the new constitutional amendments in 140 embassies and consulates of 125 countries worldwide, amid massive campaigning for the amendments abroad and domestically.

“The referendum on constitutional amendments will be completely supervised by the judiciary,” said Judge Lasheen Ibrahim, head of the National Election Authority, at a press conference held at the headquarters of the State Information Service in Cairo’s Nasser City district. “There will be a judge at every ballot box. The media and civil society will be able to follow the process.”

Egypt’s Ministry of Migration dedicated hotlines for Egyptian expatriates to receive any complaints or questions related to the three-day public referendum.

Egyptian expatriates could contact the Ministry of Migration on the following phone numbers: +201289850655/ +201017071810 / +201159476593.

They also can contact the ministry via mail: Info.elections@emigration.gov.eg , the minister said in a statement on Thursday.



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