Aboul Gheit: Outburst of Palestinian anger is inevitable



Fri, 12 Apr 2019 - 05:05 GMT


Fri, 12 Apr 2019 - 05:05 GMT

FILE- Aboul Gheit

FILE- Aboul Gheit

CAIRO - 12 April 2019: Secretary-General of Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit has warned of a possible outburst of Palestinian anger over Israeli frequent violations of human rights.

“In case that Israel does not stop its illegal actions, Palestinian people will revolt. The two-state solution is the only safe option for this mess. Stability will be brought to Libya and Syria; it’s all about time but Palestine is trembling,” Gheit stated in a talk show with the anchor Ahmed Mousa on Sadah al-Balad T.V. channel on Wednesday evening.

Aboul Gheit assured that Arab League has a firm stance towards the Israel- Palestinian conflict and Egypt completely refuses all “barbarous” acts of the occupying forces.

Regarding Iranian stance towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Aboul Gheit said that all these attempts are illusive; and “what’s more that Iran fights to occupy Palestine instead of Israel not to liberate it.”

Commenting on Honduras’ decision of moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Aboul Gheit affirmed that Egypt has no trade or economic relation with it, stating that Honduras only has three embassies worldwide. Egypt has already called for withdrawal Honduras’ membership of the United Nations, he added.

“Arab League uses all economic ways against state-sponsored terrorism. Egypt totally supports anti- terrorism countries and stands against all sorts of terrorism.

Egypt threatens to boycott its relation with Costa Rica when it decided to move its embassy to Jerusalem,” Aboul Gheit further elaborated. He affirmed the necessity to boycott Brazil’s relation in case it insists to move its embassy to Jerusalem as this action is considered a clear recognition of Israel.

“There should be a strong Arab response against all pro-terrorism states; Arabs should unite their efforts and forces to fence and secure the Arab region,” Aboul Gheit said.



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