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Farmer killed by snake bite in Menoufeya

Wed, Apr. 10, 2019
CAIRO - 9 April 2019: A committee was formed to repel reptiles in Menoufia after a farmer called Osama al-Gananiny was killed by a snake bite. Also, hospitals have been alert to conduct quick blood analysis and provide treatment for bitten citizens.

The municipal authorities disposed of accumulated agricultural trash and snakes eggs. Awareness campaigns will be held to inform farmers to put on rubber boots during irrigation to avoid getting bitten.

In summer 2018, snakes infested some rural areas in Beheira governorate causing the death of a citizen, and the injury of seven others. However, the situation was contained. Citizens took part by killing 60 snakes over two weeks.

ارتفاع ضحايا ومصابى لدغات الأفاعى بالبحيرة لـ8 أشخاص "اليوم السابع" ترصد صيد الثعابين بمنية السعيد

ارتفع عدد ضحايا ومصابين لدغات الأفاعى والثعابين لـ8 أشخاص بقرى مركز المحمودية بمحافظة البحيرة، ويواصل أهالى قرية "منية السعيد" شاهد ايضا تابعونا على الصفحات الرسميه مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي Official website : Official Facebook Page: Official Twitter: Official youtube :

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