Lawyer submits complaint accusing Zumur of planning terrorist attacks in Egypt



Thu, 21 Mar 2019 - 11:58 GMT


Thu, 21 Mar 2019 - 11:58 GMT

FILE - Tarek al-Zumur

FILE - Tarek al-Zumur

CAIRO – 20 March 2019: Lawyer Tarek Mahmoud filed a complaint Wednesday to the attorney general accusing fugitive terrorist Tarek al-Zumur of incitement against Egypt and planning terrorist attacks in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

According to the complaint, Mahmoud said that Zumur, a fugitive conspirator who travels between Qatar, Libya and Turkey, is leading groups of armed militias abroad, with material and logistical support from the Qatari and Turkish intelligence, to carry out terrorist attacks on Egypt and target Egyptians.

He added that Zumur coordinates with the leaders of terrorists fleeing abroad in order to spread chaos and threaten national security.

The complaint reported that Zumur, who was sentenced to prison for his involvement in terrorist attacks in Egypt, is still planning terrorist attacks targeting Egyptians people from abroad through meetings with armed militias and terrorists to carry out his criminal plot against the Egyptian state.

In his complaint, Mahmoud demanded that Zumur is included on the check-in lists of the INTERPOL and handed over to the Egyptian authorities to be referred to an urgent criminal trial.

In October 2018, Cairo Criminal Court placed the names of 164 individuals, all belonging to Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya movement and the Building and Development Party, the movement's political wing, on Egypt's terror list.

The names enlisted included Asim Abdel Maged, Tarek al-Zumur, Mohammed al-Islambouli and Safwat Abdel Ghani, who are all accused of supporting and financing hostile activities in Egypt.

Zumur has been accused by Egyptian authorities of funding terrorist activities in the country following July 2013.

The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Zumur and Abdel Maged to death during its session last September in the case known in media as "Rabaa sit-in dispersal" over violence that took place following the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated former President Mohamed Morsi.

In October, Egypt’s High Administrative Court adjourned a trial to dissolve the Building and Development Party to February, amid Parliament’s attempts to dissolve all political parties formed unconstitutionally on religious bases.

The Egyptian authorities sent several requests to the INTERPOL to extradite wanted terrorists, including those in Qatar and Turkey like Zumur.

Zumur was imprisoned in 1984, along with his cousin Abboud al-Zumur, over an accusation of assassinating former Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat



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