WE delivers SIM cards of education tablets



Tue, 19 Mar 2019 - 03:23 GMT


Tue, 19 Mar 2019 - 03:23 GMT

Tablets - CC via Public Domain Pictures/Marina Shemesh

Tablets - CC via Public Domain Pictures/Marina Shemesh

CAIRO - 19 March 2019: Telecom Egypt (WE) is in the process of distributing 700,000 SIM cards to be installed in the tablets delivered to students and teachers within the new education system. The following are the instructions published by the telecommunication firm:

The SIM cards delivery takes place on March 18 - 21.

SIM cards are only given to Secondary 1 students and teachers who received the tablets from the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, and whose names are indicated on the list submitted by the ministry.

WE will send delegates to schools to deliver the SIM cards.

Teachers should show their national ID, and submit a copy.

If the student has a national ID, they should show it and submit a copy.

If the student does not have a national ID, they should submit a copy of their birth certificate, and a copy of their guardian’s national ID. The guardian should show the real ID as well.

Both teachers and students should have their codes.

The SIM card will be activated within 48 hours after the contract is signed by the teacher, students or guardian.

The subscription provides 1 GB of free internet in the first month.

Later on, users will pay LE5 per month for the first GB. Extras will be paid for in accordance with the packages selected by each student and teacher.

The delivery of tablets to freshmen students at high schools has started since the beginning of the current academic year. The new system is first introduced in this year’s classes of Primary 1 and Secondary 1.

Students will keep the tablets which are their responsibility in case of damage or loss. The new system aims to get rid of textbooks, and expand into digitization so that even exams will be taken online. That is in addition to modernizing the curricula and teaching methods. The tablets can only be used for educational purposes as irrelevant websites are blocked on the devices.



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