Lawsuit to stop El-Gamaa 2 for allegations of distorting history



Tue, 06 Jun 2017 - 10:30 GMT


Tue, 06 Jun 2017 - 10:30 GMT

A photo courtesy of El-Gamaa 2 series Facebook page

A photo courtesy of El-Gamaa 2 series Facebook page

CAIRO - 6 June 2017: A lawsuit has been filed to the administrative court, Tuesday, demanding the suspension of

El-Gamaa 2 series

aired on ONE channel.

Lawyer, Samir Sabry said in his legal memo to the court, the series intends to spread ‘distorted facts full of falsifications.’

He added that the show made the audiences ‘feel lost’ due to different perspectives adopted by the scenario writer, Waheed Hamed, and that he made the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood a huge favor after taking a lot of facts and stories from their books and sources, which accordingly represent their own point of view.

Sabry explained that drama series are not suppose to be a source of history and facts, and that El-Gamaa 2 mainline historical events are not considering the past Egyptian regimes as ‘legitimate political systems,’ and giving legitimacy only to the former president, affiliated to the Brotherhood member elected in 2012, Mohamed Morsi.

El-Gamaa first part was displayed in August 2010, and caused a wide-scale controversy as it was discussing the Brotherhood’s history, a political group considered ‘terrorist’ according to Cairo Urgent Matters Court decision on February 2014.

Part II of the series discussing origins of the Brotherhood and the detailed story of its founder Hassan al-Banna from his childhood until his assassination in 1949, starring Eiad Nassar, Nedal al-Shafey and Sabreen. The script was written by Waheed Hamed, and directed by Sherif al-Bendary.

According to Hamed’s statements, it took about 7 years of hard work and research to finish fact checking and writing of El-Gamaa script.



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