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Mon, 11 Mar 2019 - 01:28 GMT


Mon, 11 Mar 2019 - 01:28 GMT

Education - CC via Alpha Stock Images/Nick Youngson

Education - CC via Alpha Stock Images/Nick Youngson

CAIRO - 11 March 2019: The Cabinet indicated in its mid-year report to the Parliament what has been achieved within the Pre-university Education Development Program and the Development of High and University Education System Program over the past six months.

New System

The new education system has been introduced in kindergarten, and Primary 1.

Four hundred thousand tablets were delivered to Secondary 1 students.

A total of 45,800 teachers were trained to use technology in the education process.


Equipping two out of 11 Honor Students Schools was finished. One is located in Sharqeya, and the other is in Qalyubiyah.

There is a plan to establish 40,000 new classrooms by 2023. Until now, 3,491 have been finished while 1,362 have been renovated.

Extracurricular activities

The number of students who took part in science and arts activities aiming at encouraging innovation is 89,700 students.

The differently abled

As for Inclusive Schools, 1,252 teachers were trained to deal with students withmild disabilities.

The printing and delivery of 63,300 textbooks designed for visually and hearing impaired students were accomplished.

Technical Education

As for technical education and entrepreneurship, 1,176 teachers and officials were trained.

Partnership agreements with the private sector to establish schools at factories and execute dual training programs were concluded.

A total of 673 students were trained at schools affiliated with drinking water and sewage companies.

Development of High and University Education System Program

The first phase of Zoweil University was finished, and the second phase has started.

Studying has begun at the Canadian University in the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

The construction of the buildings of six faculties at the International University for Science and Technology is underway.

The pace of work execution at King Salman University has risen, as 57 percent of work pertinent to branches in Sharm El-Sheikh, Torr, and Ras Sidris accomplished.

The accomplishment rate of Galala University recorded 66 percent. The project will serve the new urban community in Galala City.

The aim of such projects is attracting foreign investments and international expertise in the sector of high education.

Technology universities were built to boost technical education in New Cairo, BeniSuef, and Qwesna in Menoufia.

The number of teachers in those establishments increased to reach 1,702.

A contract was signed with a coalition in the sector of smart systems used in manufacturing.

Another contract will be signed with another coalition in order to expand local manufacturing of electronics.


The fifth edition of Cairo International Exhibition for Innovation was held in November where 670 innovations were displayed.

Egypt has risen in the Global Innovation Index by 10 ranks in 2018 compared to the prior year,going from 105 to 95.

Expenditure on R&D in the sector of scientific research rose to LE19.19 billion.

Egyptian Expertise

In order to include expatriate Egyptian experts in the development process, three conferences were organized, having 66 expatriate Egyptian experts as participants, representing 46 fields and residing in 18 countries, mainly from Europe, United States, Canada, and some Arab countries.

The goal was to benefit from their expertise in the fields of cancer treatment, education development, and economic development.



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