Egypt's Attorney General bans websites broadcast sexual content


Tue, 12 Feb 2019 - 07:53 GMT

FILE-The Attorney General Nabil Sadek

FILE-The Attorney General Nabil Sadek

CAIRO – 12 February 2019: Egypt’s Attorney General, Nabil Sadek, ordered Tuesday to ban all websites that broadcast sexual contents.

"The Attorney General decided to inform the Ministry of communications and Information Technology to take all the necessary technical procedures to ban all websites that broadcast images and videos with sexual content and notify the prosecution office in case a violation took place," the Attorney General's statement said.

The decision came in the light of the current investigation into a flagrant act committed by Egyptian filmmaker and Member of Parliament Khaled Youssef, after scandalous videos were leaked featuring him having sex with multiple female actors in more than one occasion.

Egyptian authorities have previously arrested actors, Mona Farouk and Shaimaa al-Haj who are being prosecuted for obscenity after appearing in one of the scandalous videos.

Youssef is currently in the French capital of Paris visiting his wife and daughter who reside there, the filmmaker refuted rumors say that he fled the country in fear of prosecution.



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