EMPA Chief urges founding global institute to promote religious toleration



Fri, 08 Feb 2019 - 01:36 GMT


Fri, 08 Feb 2019 - 01:36 GMT

FILE – Mohamed Aboul Enein – Wikimedia/Cleopatra Group

FILE – Mohamed Aboul Enein – Wikimedia/Cleopatra Group

CAIRO – 8 February 2019: Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Assembly (EMPA) Mohamed Abou el-Enein called for establishing a global institute that brings together all religions to correct misconceptions and promote toleration among religions.

The remarks of the Egyptian renowned businessman came on the sidelines of the Global Conference of Human Fraternity launched in Abu Dhabi earlier this month.

Abou el-Enein said in an interview with T.V. host Ahmed Moussa on Monday that the concept of the religious discourse worldwide must be modified, adding that the parliaments of the world and the United Nations must issue legislations, supervised by Al-Azhar and the Vatican, to criminalize the abuse of religions.

Pope Francis' visit to Egypt in April 2017 presented a strong message to the world, delivered great meanings of tolerance and love between religions, and stressed that Egypt is a country of stability and peace, Abou el-Enein said.

He added that a comprehensive plan must be executed based on the Fraternity Conference for rapprochement and the spread of tolerance among people worldwide.

Concerning religious discourse, Abou el-Enein said that Egypt's President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi has been the first to call for renewing the religious discourse, adding that the Egyptian youth is eligible and has the motivation to change religious misconceptions, which terrorists use to justify their attacks.

Abu Al-Enein added that the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, a great Islamic value and stature explains the beautiful Middle Islam and seeks to renew the religious discourse, stressing that the biggest challenge to the world is to confront the evil people who use religion in terrorist acts.

The Egyptian businessman also warned of the attempts to politicize religion for personal interests.

There is a great difference between freedom of opinion and the principles of religion, Abou el-Enein said, calling for prosecuting those who distort the Quranic verses to achieve personal interests or to find false justifications to carry out terror acts.

Fighting thought by thought is a good course, he said. Egypt has given a unique example of tolerance, as Muslims are seen participating in the construction of churches and vice versa, he added.

Concerning national economy, he said that Sisi is capable of taking the country to a better level of economic growth, in accordance with the Egyptian government's reform plans, and has set a model for the world in implementing national projects in record times.

As Egypt is preparing for receiving the presidency of the African Union for this year, Abou el-Enein said that Sisi has been granted the confidence of the African nations, and has a comprehensive vision of hard work, adding that Africa has become a coveted continent due to its natural wealth of diamonds, oil and gold.

Sisi could draw up a vision for African cooperation, discover potentials, and maximize infrastructure between the African countries, Abou el-Enein said, stressing that Egypt will develop a comprehensive plan to achieve development in the African states.

Who's Aboul el-Enein?

High-profile businessman last year was granted the 2018 Mediterranean award for economy and international diplomacy.

He is considered the second Egyptian to win the Mediterranean Foundation's prize after novelist and noble prize winner Naguib Mahfouz won it in 2003, said President of the Mediterranean Foundation Michele Capasso.

Abou el-Enein was chosen by representatives of 42 countries, as one of the World's most prominent figures economically, politically and socially, Capasso said, adding that his efforts managed to bring the people of the Mediterranean closer.

Capasso also lauded Abou el-Enein's diplomatic efforts in addition to his efforts in promoting human fundamental rights, peace and acceptance of the other.

In October, he also won the Stella al Merito sociale 2018 award from one of Italy's largest social organizations, Culture and Solidarity Foundation.

The Mediterranean Foundation's award was won by former US President Barack Obama, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad of Kuwait, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon، Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and late King Hussein of Jordan and former Spanish King Juan Carlos.

Mohamed Aboul Enein, 67, graduated from the Helwan University's Faculty of Commerce. Constructing Egypt-based Ceramica Cleopatra company, Abou el-Enein became one of the prominent leaders of the ceramic industry in the country.

He has been a leader in mega project investments in Egypt, including a 7,500 acre wheat farm in East al-Owinat and North West Gulf of Suez, producing ceramic products to 108 countries worldwide.

Thanks to Abou el-Enein, thousands of Egyptians have been employed, after he contributed to transform a considerable part of Egypt’s deserts and coasts has been transformed to industrial institutions, tourist facilities, and agricultural areas.



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