View of Egypt's High Court of Justice in Cairo - REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany
View of Egypt's High Court of Justice in Cairo - REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Cairo court sets March 30 session for issuing verdict against 30 Daesh defendants

Tue, Jan. 22, 2019
CAIRO, Jan 22 (MENA) - Cairo Criminal Court set a March 30 session for issuing its verdict in the trial of 30 defendants over charges of joining Daesh terrorist group.

Prosecutor General Nabil Sadeq ordered the referral of 30 terror suspects to the Higher Emergency State Security Court over charges of forming a takfiri terrorist group, receiving foreign funds and possession of arms and explosives with the aim of attacking churches, Christians and various state facilities. The defendants also face charges of receiving training at Daesh camps in Syria and Libya.

Investigations conducted by the National Security Sector at the Ministry of Interior uncovered the moves of the terrorist elements ahead of planning an attack against a Church in El Asafra district in Alexandria.

Confessions of the defendants along with video data revealed that a member of Daesh group familiar with the name of "Nour" received directions from the group's leaders to establish terrorist cells in Egypt with the aim of assaulting police and army troops as well as state facilities and citizens.

The investigations also asserted that Nour formed two cells comprising 30 elements who received training in launching terrorist attacks. Directions to the terrorist cells were received via the internet through secured communication applications.
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