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20 defendants sentenced to life in Giza Terrorist Cell case

Sun, Jan. 20, 2019
CAIRO – 20 January 2019: A total of 20 defendants were sentenced to life in prison, and a minor was given 10 years over terror-related charges in the case known as the “Giza Terrorist Cell,” according to a ruling issued Saturday by the Cassation Court.

During the hearing considering the defendants’ appeal to their initial sentences, the judge upheld the life sentence punishment (25 years in prison) to 14 defendants, and replaced the capital punishment to six others with life over same charges.

The Giza cell is reportedly one of the most dangerous terrorist cells formed recently. The Court of Cassation upheld in April placing the cell suspects on the list of terrorist entities.

In October, a Giza criminal court upheld death sentences against 11 convicts of the Giza cell over charges of attempted murder and inciting violence. Other 14 convicts were sentenced to 25 years in prison in absentia, while another defendant was handed down a sentence of 10 years in prison.

According to the prosecution’s investigations, the defendants faced charges of violating personal freedom, providing terrorist groups with material and financial aid, vandalizing public properties, attempting to kill an officer in the General Directorate of the Giza Security Forces, vandalizing a police car, stealing weapons and manufacturing explosive devices in 2015.
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