Kuwait seeks witnesses of crash killing 6 Egyptian expats



Sun, 13 Jan 2019 - 04:53 GMT


Sun, 13 Jan 2019 - 04:53 GMT

Six Egyptians were killed and five other Kuwaitis were injured on Thursday after two vehicles collided – Courtesy of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate

Six Egyptians were killed and five other Kuwaitis were injured on Thursday after two vehicles collided – Courtesy of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate

CAIRO – 13 January 2019: Kuwaiti security authorities is intensifying its efforts to search for eyewitnesses of a terrible road accident that killed six Egyptians in Kuwait's Wafrah Road earlier this month, a source in the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said.

Six Egyptians including two brothers were killed and five Kuwaitis were injured on Thursday evening after a four-wheel car driven by a Kuwaiti family and a taxi carrying Egyptian expats crashed into each other.

In an interview with Egypt's official news agency MENA, the source said the security authorities are trying to reach witnesses to the incident, to disclose the circumstances of the accident and hold the ones responsible accountable.

Many Egyptian expats in Kuwait and other nations were assaulted over the last few years. An Egyptian woman residing in Kuwait, recorded a video complaining that she was assaulted by five people in November while she walking with her husband and children.

The assaulters shoved the Egyptian victim Fatma Aziz to the ground and stepped on her face, Aziz said, adding that her hair was torn out, her finger was broken, and her body became covered in bruises.

In September, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a Kuwaiti national to 17 years in prison for attacking an Egyptian expatriate in the Shuwaikh industrial area.

The police arrested the Kuwaiti citizen who severely beat the Egyptian expatriate putting him in comma. The Egyptian expatriate was working for a bicycle and motorcycle store in Kuwait.

The incident occurred in December 2017, when the Kuwaiti citizen entered the bicycle store and asked the Egyptian worker to repair his motorcycle, according to media reports. The Egyptian expat informed him that, according to the store's system, he cannot do that immediately. The Kuwaiti citizen got extremely frustrated and proceeded to severely beat the worker until he fell unconscious, causing him several head injuries.

An Egyptian citizen lost his life in August evening during a fight with an Asian expat, who stabbed the former at Kuwait’s Bnied Al-Gar, according to eyewitnesses, Kuwaiti Al-Rai media reported.

According to Al-Rai, the 30-year old Egyptian expat died from a fatal stab in the heart.

Erem News reported that the Kuwaiti authorities managed to arrest two people accused of stabbing an Arab citizen in the heart in Bnied Al-Gar before they could flee the country.

An Egyptian was previously shot dead at Kuwait’s Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh in January 2013. Also, MENA reported in April 2018 that an Egyptian working at a weaponry store was injured when a Kuwaiti citizen was checking a shooting gun.



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