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Dead dolphin spotted in Hurghada

Wed, Jan. 2, 2019
CAIRO – 2 January 2018: A dead dolphin was spotted in Hurghada city waters, according to Director of Red Sea Reserves Ahmed Ghalab, but it has not reached the beach yet and is still in the tidal area.

A team was sent to lift the dead dolphin in order to be buried according to the environmental criteria; however, the team was not able to fulfill the mission due to the water decay.

The dolphin was reported to be of the Bottlenose dolphin type, which is considered to be the most common type of dolphins in Egypt and the Red Sea.

In September 2018, another dolphin was found dead in Tulip beach in Glim neighborhood in the coastal city of Alexandria. It was moved to a branch of the National Institute for Oceanography & Fisheries (NIOF) to be embalmed and displayed at the museum of stuffed animals.

Having examined the dead dolphin, several bruises were found on its front side, which indicates that it died after it bumped into a boat, said Suzan Khalif, the head of the institute. The dead dolphin weighed about 70 kg. Alexandria dolphin [Mediterranean Sea] was noted to belong to a species of common short-beaked dolphins called Delphinus Delphis.
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