Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, File Photo Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, File Photo

Egypt is an important partner in regional security, US Navy Secretary

Sun, Dec. 23, 2018
CAIRO – 23 December 2018: US Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer has termed Egypt as a vital regional partner that plays a major role in ensuring free and open access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

In a statement on Sunday, the US Embassy in Cairo quoted Spencer as saying that Egypt and the US have common interests, such as stopping the flow of smuggled goods and fighting human trafficking.

He added that he paid his first visit to Egypt this week, during which he held talks with senior Egyptian officials on means of boosting security cooperation between the two countries.

The joint EAGLE SALUTE and BRIGHT STAR 18 naval exercises have clearly highlighted the important role played by American naval forces in maintaining regional maritime security, Spencer said.

Such naval drills reinforce military relations between the Egyptian and American forces in the region, the embassy said.

It further stressed that the US, as a partner of Egypt, is committed to supporting the Egyptian government and its people through diplomatic, economic, social and security cooperation.
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