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Egyptian Master of Science is valid in KSA: Cabinet's Media Center

Thu, Dec. 20, 2018
CAIRO - 20 December 2018:“The Egyptian Master of Science degree is valid in Saudi Arabia,” the Media Center of the Cabinet assured in an official statement.

The official statement put an end to all the rumors that spread after the release of KSA's new executive criteria that aim to divide the medical professions.

The Cabinet's center communicated with the Saudi Higher Education Ministry which denied all these rumors and stressed that the Egyptian master degree is valid across the world and in the Arab countries specifically.

The Saudi Higher Education Ministry denounced these rumors that target to distort the image of the Egyptian Education.

After graduation, hundreds of thousands of Egyptian physicians tend to leave Egypt due to the low salaries in comparison to salaries in Gulf countries.

According to the health minister,more than 700,000 Egyptian doctors left Egypt to work in the Gulf region and the rest seek to work in the private sector.
This radical shift causes a severe shortage in the public Egyptian hospitals and medical centers.
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