Commemoration the 76th anniversary of El Alamein Battle



Sun, 21 Oct 2018 - 11:40 GMT


Sun, 21 Oct 2018 - 11:40 GMT

El alamein commonwealth cemetery - Press

El alamein commonwealth cemetery - Press

CAIRO - 22 October 2018: El Alamein city celebrated on Saturday the 76th anniversary of El Alamein Battle between the Allied and Axis Powers in 1942, Attended by the ambassador of Germany Julius Georg Luy, the Secretary General of Matrouh Governorate Tamer Said and who participated in the war.

The official ceremony for this year's festivities was held in the German cemeteries, where they commemorated the yearly anniversary of the war victims alternately among the major countries that participated in the World War.

The Secretary General of Matruh, Chief of the Northern Command staff, Head of Matrouh Security Director and ambassadors of the participating countries laid wreaths on the memorial to the war victims.

The ceremony included playing military funeral music and urged the world to renounce violence and spread peace on the ground.

On the other hand, the Commonwealth and Italian tombs witnessed the arrival of the victims’ relatives, ambassadors and consuls of the countries to commemorate them.

El Alamein Battle was a major cause of ending the World War II after the defeat of the Axis Powers.

During El Alamein Battle more than 20,000 soldiers were killed and more than twice this number of wounded from both sides of the war.

The war victims were buried in three main graves in El Alamein city as the Commonwealth tombs supervised by England, the Italian and German tombs.

The Commonwealth graves in El Alamein has 7,367 Britain soldiers and officers, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, Malaysia and India, the names of 11,945 missing persons were written on the cemetery walls.

The Italian tombs were located in the west of El Alamein city about 5 kilometers, one of the most beautiful buildings in terms of luxury and art architecture includes a small museum, church and mosque.

4,800 soldiers and officers were buried in the Italian tombs, more than 38,000 lost in the desert and close to the graves of Libyan soldiers who fought alongside Italy.

The German cemeteries located in the west of the El Alamein city about 3 kilometers and built in 1959, where about 4231 soldiers and officers were buried including 31 unidentified soldiers.

There is also a Greek memorial for 320 Greek warriors who were killed during El Alamein Battle.



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