Maya Morsy reviews NCW's achievements in France24 interview


Tue, 02 Oct 2018 - 09:13 GMT

Maya Morsy reviews NCW's achievements in France24 interview

Maya Morsy reviews NCW's achievements in France24 interview

CAIRO – 2 October 2018: The National Council for Women (NCW) managed to reach 4 million women nationwide and over 100 million people on social media through its campaign “The Taa' Marbouta is your strength”, Maya Morsy, head of the NCW said.

The French public service broadcaster, France 24, hosted Morsy on Tuesday to discusses the outcomes of the NCW’s huge media campaign "The Taa' Marbouta is your strength" after President Abdel Fatah al- Sisi's announcement that 2017 was the year for Egyptian woman.

Launched in June 2016, “The Taa' Marbouta is your strength” – taa’ marbouta is a letter in Arabic language comes at the end of a word to denote femininity – aims to encourage women to break all barriers standing in their way and not to accept society’s narrow perceptions. It was launched in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), UN Women, the United Nations Development Program and the Swedish Embassy.

Morsy expressed her pleasure that the NCW’s ongoing campaign has achieved considerable success in raising awareness among women, noting that thousands of people now wear the campaign’s button in streets and different events sounding their support to the initiative.

She pointed out that the outcome of this campaign cannot be felt immediately, but it will take some time to measure the response of society, noting that about seven million men showed support to the campaign and wore its famous button in public.

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Morsy considered that President Sisi’s announcement that 2017 was a year of the Egyptian woman as a revival of hopes of the Egyptian woman for a better future for her and the whole homeland. Last year, the NCW launched the 2030 strategy of the Egyptian woman, stemming out from the state agenda of sustainable development. This agenda consists of five strategic pivots, namely the political and economic empowerment, societal protection, and the cultural and legal pivots.

Morsy said that the new strategy will regulate the council’s work in the future, which relies on 34 indicators, including economic and social empowerment, social protection, access to decision-making positions, legislative amendments, and others. She added that last year also witnessed thickening penalties against the female genital mutilation, criminalizing denial of heritage and issuing the regulating law of the NCW. The council organized many door-to-door awareness campaigns in villages and small cities. She noted that women account for 25% of the current government.



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