Sisi at UNGA: Labeling terror sponsors is a must



Sun, 23 Sep 2018 - 03:00 GMT


Sun, 23 Sep 2018 - 03:00 GMT

FILE- President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi at the UNGA- Reuters

FILE- President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi at the UNGA- Reuters

CAIRO - 23 September 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will raise during his speech in the General Assembly the issue of terrorism and the necessity of punishing countries sponsoring terrorism, announced Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri during his speech in the General Assembly on Saturday.

President Sisi will also emphasize the urgency of a comprehensive and decisive confrontation plan through cooperation and full harmony among countries worldwide.

In a statement to the media delegation on the sidelines of the participation of Sisi at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, Shoukry stressed that some countries’ interactions with terror organizations will not be enough to eradicate the dangerous phenomenon.

Shoukry explained that those organizations are funded by various states providing them with sophisticated weaponry systems. The whole world should cooperate to confront those states in order to eradicate terrorism completely, he stated.

The president will deliver Egypt’s statement to the General Assembly, which will address the country’s future vision and stances on regional and international issues. Additionally, the speech will highlight Egypt's role to maintain international peace and security and its continuous efforts to fight terrorism.

The agenda of the running UN General Assembly’s meetings focuses on development issues, preserving international security, fighting terrorism, and human rights.

The official spokesman of the presidency, Ambassador Bassam Radi, stressed that President Sisi's speech is also expected to shed light on deteriorating situations in the Middle East and Arab world.

President Sisi begins his activity in New York, on September 23, afternoon Cairo time.

Radi announced that President Sisi is scheduled to meet with members of the American Chamber of Commerce and heads of major American international companies as well as the president of the World Bank and the president of the European Council on September 23.

Sisi’s visit to NYC will include an intensive bilateral activity between Cairo and Washington, as the president is expected to hold dozens of meetings with high-profile political and intellectual figures in the American society, along with meetings with American investors.

The president's schedule includes holding several bilateral meetings with heads of states and governments, who are taking part in the UN meetings.

The talks will consider means of boosting relations between Egypt and other world countries.

Radi announced that the president will meet with Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the UAE foreign minister.

On the sidelines of the meetings, Sisi will also chair the high-level meeting of the Group of 77 that will be held and led by Egypt for the third time in history.

The Group of 77 (G77) at the United Nations is a coalition of developing nations, designed to promote its members' collective economic interests. It was founded in June 1964 by the “Joint Declaration of the Seventy-Seven Countries" issued at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Palestine is to chair the group starting January 2019.

Sisi will also attend the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, which coincides with the centennial celebration of the late African leader's birthday. President Sisi is scheduled to deliver a speech at the summit.

Egypt is a key player in fighting terrorism regionally and globally and boosting peace through its 30,000 soldiers’ participation in UN peacekeeping missions, along with its efforts to solve Syrian, Palestinian, Yemeni and the Libyan crises.

In the war on terror, the UN Security Council adopted a draft resolution on terrorism that was drafted previously by Egypt.

President Sisi arrived in New York on Friday evening to participate in the UN General Assembly meetings.

This is Sisi’s fifth participation in the UNGA since he assumed office in June 2014. Since then, Egypt’s foreign policies have witnessed significant changes regionally and globally.



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