'Support Egypt' majority bloc to utilize ideas of all MPs



Thu, 20 Sep 2018 - 01:42 GMT


Thu, 20 Sep 2018 - 01:42 GMT

Abdel Hadi al-Qasabi at Support Egypt Bloc conference on September 17, 2018-  Egypt Today/ Mohamed Fawzy

Abdel Hadi al-Qasabi at Support Egypt Bloc conference on September 17, 2018- Egypt Today/ Mohamed Fawzy

CAIRO – 20 September 2018: Abdel Hadi al-Qasabi, the newly-elected head of the Parliament's majority Support Egypt coalition, said that he respects all Parliament members and he is willing to utilize all their ideas.

"I emphasize very clearly that my main mission in the next period is to gather all powers in the House of Representatives for the best interest of Egypt and the people," Qasabi stated.

He urged parliamentarians to adopt the same policy, and to prioritize the needs of the citizens and the preservation of the country's earnings, stressing that there is no room for disputes and side conflicts.

Qasabi won by acclamation to succeed engineer Mohamed al-Sewedi, as nobody ran in the election against him. Qasabi is also the head of the Parliament's Social Solidarity committee, and deputy head of the Nation's Future Party comprised by the Parliamentary coalition.

Sewedi, who was also elected by acclamation in September 2017, revealed the reason why he decided not run in the election, saying that handing over posts to others helps increase the number of leading figures and achieves better results.

Sewedi affirmed the importance of the refreshing presence of youth inside the coalition, allowing the continuous exchange of posts, giving the opportunity to others and achieving consensus among members.

Sewedi also said that he decided not to run for head of any of the parliamentary committees.

Support Egypt coalition was formed in late 2015 by former-General Sameh Seif el-Yazal. Parties comprised by the coalition include the Free Egyptians, Future of a Nation, Homeland Defenders, Republican Peoples and Conference parties.

Support Egypt coalition holds around 400 of 597 seats in Parliament, representing two thirds of the Parliament members.

The coalition has always been known to support the country's current leadership.

In January, MP Taher Abu Zeid, deputy chairman of the coalition, said that supporting incumbent President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi for a second term in the March election is a message of gratitude for his first term achievements.



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