Press Syndicate accuses MP Agina of insulting journalists



Tue, 18 Sep 2018 - 03:24 GMT


Tue, 18 Sep 2018 - 03:24 GMT

FILE – MP Elhami Agina

FILE – MP Elhami Agina

CAIRO – 18 September 2018: Egyptian Press Syndicate condemned the behavior of the controversial Parliament Member Elhami Agina, accusing him of insulting a number of journalists in Dakahlia governorate using disrespectful words.

The Syndicate in a statement, called on the Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal to take measures against Agina to restore the journalists’ dignity, saying that tolerating such action is considered an insult to the Parliament.

Agina denied the claims, saying that he had an altercation with a microbus driver, adding that a journalist intervenedand another journalist claimed that Agina insulted journalists.

In an interview with Masrawy, Agina said that what happened was a result of the sudden intervention of a journalist during his altercation with the driver, which “provoked” him, stressing that he was “in a state of extreme anger.”

Agina expressed respect and appreciation of the Press syndicate, referringthat he will not be happy in case he has a dispute with the syndicate. Agina highlighted that he has many rivals and that such false news aims to cause him trouble. Agina represents Balqas area in Dakahlia.

Slaming Agina’s remarks, Hussein al-Zanati, a member of the Press Syndicate board, ruled out the possibility that a journalist claims something that dishonors him, affirmingthe syndicate’s insistence to escalate the issue to the General Prosecution.

MP Agina has been known for his controversial statements since the Parliament held its first session in January 2016.

Virginity test

In late 2016, General Prosecutor Nabil Sadek received numerous reports accusing Agina of discrediting Egyptian girls, as he earlier called for conducting virginity tests for girls before they join university.

Agina said it was just a proposal he said when a journalist was asking about the reasons behind the increasing rate of ‘urfi marriage taking place in schools and universities. Agina said that his proposal aimed at eliminating the phenomenon.

‘Urfi marriage is commonly known as an Islamic marriage contract which is not registered with state authorities.

Backing female circumcision

In early 2017, Parliament’s Values Committee called for dropping the membership of Agina, over his controversial remarks that back female circumcision, which is illegal in Egypt.

Agina justified his support to the female mutilation, saying that many Egyptian men suffer from sexual dysfunction, asserting that Egypt is one of the states with the highest consumption of aphrodisiacs (substance increasing libido).



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