Employees responsible for Giza train derailment sent to urgent trial



Thu, 06 Sep 2018 - 03:25 GMT


Thu, 06 Sep 2018 - 03:25 GMT

A passenger train derailed in Giza in Friday, leaving 57 people injured - Egypt Today/Khaled Kamel

A passenger train derailed in Giza in Friday, leaving 57 people injured - Egypt Today/Khaled Kamel

CAIRO – 6 September 2018: Egypt’s Attorney General Nabil Sadek sent Thursday a number of railway workers accused of negligence, causing the derailment of a number of passenger train wagons in Giza, to an urgent trial.

The accident that took place in July, in Giza’s al-Marazeeq railway station, and it led to the injury of 57 people, according to the investigations.

An official statement from the General Attorney’s reads as follows:

The General Prosecution has concluded its investigations on the accident that took place in Giza governorate on July 13, 2018, in al-Marazeeq railway station, when train number 986 which was heading from Cairo to Qena derailed and left 57 persons with different types of injuries.

The General Prosecution has conducted the required examination and listened to the testimonies of the injured people, all Egyptian National Railways leaders, specialized experts, and the technical committee mandated by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, the Military Technical College’s consultancy office and the Administrative Control Authority (ACA).

The investigations revealed the final scenario backed by the investigations, explaining how the accident took place; some of the train’s wagons were derailed after the train switched suddenly to the trains storage track, although the train was moving within the legal speed limits, and despite attempts by the train driver to slow down for the turn that the train was switched to.

It was revealed following the investigations that the attempts of some technicians to make modifications in the relay rooms responsible for switching trains is the cause of the train derailment, as this led to sending false signals.

The accident caused a damage that amounts to LE 4,571,039

The statement named four people responsible for the accident and accused them of dereliction of duty concerning maintenance and use of control devices and relay rooms that they were responsible for.

The four employees are also blamed for failing to notify the specialized departments to fix the malfunctions, in addition to causing huge losses to the Egyptian National Railways, and causing injury to 57 people.

As people responsible for the accident are now identified, the train driver, his assistant and the two observers of al-Marazeeq railway station are acquitted of charges, the statement read.

18 discharged, 40 still in hospital after Giza train derailment

CAIRO – 13 July 2018: Eighteen people who injured in Friday’s train derailment at Marazeeq Station on Aswa Western Agricultural Road in Giza were discharged from hospitals after receiving treatment, assistant of health minister, Ahmed Mohy, said late Friday.



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