No room for political activity inside Cairo Uni.: Mohamed El-Khosht


Thu, 30 Aug 2018 - 09:41 GMT

Cairo University - official website

Cairo University - official website

CAIRO – 30 August 2018: “There is no room for political activity inside Cairo University. There is a huge difference between political awareness and political party affiliations and propaganda, this kind of activities is not allowed inside the campus,” President of Cairo University, Mohamed El-Khosht, said.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, Khosht explained that the university’s stance has not changed since it was first established. “It is not possible to allow the existence of an opposing current or any opposing activities to the state inside the university and this is not a bias towards a person but a bias towards Egypt,” Khosht added.

He further explained that allowing political activities to take place inside universities “will gradually turn them into a place of conflicts, not education.”

At the beginning of the last academic year, September 2017, it was announced that no political activities will be allowed inside the university’s campus. Similarly, discussions of any political topics is banned in Al-Minya University, according to its president, Gamal Abul-Magd.“Anyone who engages will be subject to a fine of LE 50,” Abul-Magd said.



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