British ambassador bids Egyptians farewell


Tue, 21 Aug 2018 - 10:40 GMT

Ambassador of UK to Egypt, John Casson - Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal

Ambassador of UK to Egypt, John Casson - Egypt Today/Hussein Tallal

CAIRO – 21 August 2018: The term of British Ambassador John Casson is coming to an end after four years during which he fascinated many Egyptians on Twitter by his visits to traditional food outlets and his fluent Egyptian Arabic.

Casson's account harnessed one million followers as he has not restricted his interactions to specific spheres like other diplomats.

The ambassador said in a tweet, "Four years in Egypt (have passed) with 1 million followers. Thanks for Twitter people in Egypt for your interaction with me, discussions, sense of humor, and criticism. All that taught me to see Egypt with Egyptian eyes. The account is blessed with you."

Casson used to exchange jokes with Egyptian celebrities like comedian Mohamed Henedy and Egypt's sweetheart Mohamed Salah as well as congratulate Egyptian squash players for their victories.

The ambassador held a press conference on Sunday where he addressed the United Kingdom saying, "you need to know that Egypt is the heart of the region," asserting that the country achieved milestones on the economic scale which should be supported through partnerships and not by one party providing instructions to the other.

"Egypt is very rich by its people," Casson said, stating that the United Kingdom wants Egypt to achieve growth in spite of differences in certain files.

The ambassador concluded that he will take to his country some of what he learnt in Egypt, and that he will meet many Egyptians there.



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