Wrap up: Dignity Strike spreads within Israeli jails



Mon, 22 May 2017 - 09:14 GMT


Mon, 22 May 2017 - 09:14 GMT

Marawan's 27th day of Dignity and Freedom Strike

Marawan's 27th day of Dignity and Freedom Strike

CAIRO - 22 May 2017: Israeli occupation authorities are concerned over the health condition of Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike for 35 days.

While Muslims all over the world are preparing to receive the holy month of Ramadan, 200 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike have been depriving themselves from food, in defense for their cause a long time beforehand, amidst sloth in international reaction towards the matter.

The battle continues:

The media committee of the Dignity Strike confirmed on Sunday that more than 200 prisoners in the prisons of Nafha, Raymond and Ishel have joined the hunger strike, which is “a victory for their comrades who started the battle of Karama 35 days ago.”
The committee explained in a statement that this step comes in response to the continuing refusal of the occupation authorities to meet the demands of the prisoners.

The prisoners are calling for a number of demands. The most prominent of these are ending the policy of detention and solitary confinement, allowing family visits, eliminating medical negligence and others. Such demands are considered basic human rights according to the Geneva Convention of 1929, on prisoners of war.

Another statement was issued by the Arab League for Prisoners and Liberators and the families of the prisoners participating in the strike, confirming that the prisoners have continued the strike without any negotiations between the strike leadership and the prisons’ administration.

The statement also warned of the prisons’ authorities’ attempts to broadcast news that would exacerbate an already tense situation, and cause a new Intifada.
The statement stressed that the stage of negotiations mark the peak of the battle, affirming that prisoners need all possible support more than any previous time.

Clashes across the West Bank “Isnad el Asraa”:

A number of young men were injured during clashes with Israeli occupation forces in different parts of the occupied West Bank on Monday, as they protested in support of prisoners on hunger strike, according to Arab 48 news website.
Witnesses reported that violent clashes had broken out within the town of Silwan, south of Jerusalem, resulting in several injuries.

Israeli occupation forces fired rubber bullets at the houses of citizens in Ayn al-Luza, while the sound bombs broke out in the neighborhood 'Batin Al-Hawa', witnesses reported, pointed out that the youths responded by throwing stones at the Israeli forces, which resulted in closing up the town’s entrances and exits.

According to the Red Crescent ambulance center, a young man was shot with rubber bullets, and an elderly man was suffocated with tear gas and was transferred to Rafidya Hospital for treatment.


Strike in Solidarity:

On Monday, Palestinian towns over the Green Line witnessed a solidarity strike with the prisoners on hunger strike, according to the Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs in Palestine.

Shops and public facilities in the Galilee, Nazareth, the Naqab and the Naqab have also committed to a partial strike, excluding educational institutions and emergency health services.

The High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens in Israel said in a press conference on Sunday, that it would commit to the general strike.

During the press conference, which was attended by representatives of various political parties and movements, the committee announced arranging protests to support the prisoners in the battle of empty intestine.

The Israeli government continues to refuse negotiations with the striking prisoners and their leadership, while more prisoners are being transferred to hospitals over deteriorating health conditions.




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