Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group turns against Qatar



Mon, 22 May 2017 - 08:22 GMT


Mon, 22 May 2017 - 08:22 GMT

Essam Talima

Essam Talima

CAIRO – 22 May, 2017: The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group kept denying its policy of favoring people of trust over competent ones besides mixing religion with politics. Today its leaders admit these accusations. In fact, they revealed how Al-Jazeera channel hosts inefficient guests to talk about the group.

Essam Talima, former director of Yossef Qaradawi office and member of Brotherhood Shura council in Turkey, disclosed to what extent the group’s senior leaders do interfere in politics under the motto of “2 in 1” which stands for good deeds and payroll.

He added al-Jazeera channel hosted ignorant characters and pushed them to lead the group.

“May Allah forgive al-Jazeera channel. It introduced rude and ignorant examples to our political arena. They believe in gathering two goals in one (2 in 1.) They sought behind al-Jazeera financial rewards. I’m not generalizing, but it is a present phenomenon that appeared in religious and political lives,” an opinion piece written by Talima.

“We perform our duty in the media. Each one must do his job well without distraction. Why the Muslim Brotherhood group seeks to turn each media figure into a politician," Talima wondered. He added that if every specialist focused only on supporting the group in his field, the group would succeed.

Hassan al-Sherif, Brotherhood leader, said the group’s leaders who kept refusing to revise its mistakes in the past will not be capable of surviving the group in the future. The wise and successful people do not fear criticism.

Instead they listen carefully to them, Hassan noted in a written article published in a pro-Brotherhood News website.

Tarek al-Beshbeshy, former Brotherhood leader, illustrated recent attacks against al-Jazeera channel that, “Brotherhood leadership believes its media device made inefficient leaders who were escalated upon the group’s senior leaders’ interests because they were known for an absolute obedience.”

Qatar-based al-Jazeera channel contributed in promoting specific figures as a prelude to occupying executive positions in the group. Moreover, al-Jazeera played a key role in escalating the internal crisis inside the group after it became in favor of one team against the other.



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