52 high-risk terrorists killed: Sinai 2018 Statement (26)



Sun, 05 Aug 2018 - 09:30 GMT


Sun, 05 Aug 2018 - 09:30 GMT

Egyptian security forces during their raid against terrorists in Sinai- press photo

Egyptian security forces during their raid against terrorists in Sinai- press photo

CAIRO – 5 August 2018: The Egyptian army and security forces eliminated 52 high-risk terrorists in various districts in North and Central Sinai, as part of the “Comprehensive Operation - Sinai 2018”. The terrorists possessed five automatic gun machines, an explosive bomb and ammunition.

The Armed Forces issued statement number (26) on Sunday to brief the public about the latest developments in Sinai amidst the continuation of the anti-terror combat launched against militants and terrorists in different areas in Delta and Sinai.

The National Security Apparatus carried out a special operation in Arish City, the largest city in North Sinai, which resulted in the elimination of 13 high-risk Takfiris and the seizure of three gun machines and two explosive devices. The Egyptian army eliminated 39 high-risk terrorists in various districts in North and Central Sinai.

Egyptian Air Forces destroyed 15 trucks loaded with ammunitions and arms while trying to penetrate Egypt’s western borders, and destroyed 17 other vehicles in the military southern region.

In cooperation between the Armed Forces and police, 49 Takfiri elements were arrested in North and Central Sinai.

Twelve vehicles without metal plates loaded with ammunition and seven motorcycles used in criminal acts were seized.

Moreover, 26 hotbeds, one hideout and one stock house were discovered in Central and North Sinai. The security forces found military suits used by the Takfiri elements and a dozens of books and audio tapes that promote Takfiri ideology.

The military engineers detected and detonated 64 explosive devices which were planted to target our forces in operation areas.

Four tunnels were detected and destroyed as they were supplied with a motor, electricity cables, internet wires and a computer device along the border of Rafah city, Northern Sinai Peninsula.

As part of the intensive efforts of the Border Guards on all strategic directions, they managed to seize four shotguns, three sniper rifles, two automatic rifles, 200 different rounds of shots, seven pistol cartilages, 1490 kilograms of cannabis, two million anesthetic tablets, and 11 4WD vehicles used for smuggling.

On the southern side, Border Guard forces, in cooperation with the Police, managed to seize 34 transport vehicles and a fishing boat. The guards also succeeded to foil an attempt of 18 individuals to illegally infiltrate across international borders.

On the northern side, the guards succeeded to foil the illegal infiltration of 15 individuals and seized two vehicles and two boats used in smuggling.

One of terrorist was killed in the army's military campaign in Sinai- press photo

In the second and third field armies' zones, 12 vehicles and six buses used in smuggling were seized. Also, 12.5 tons of marijuana and 80 kg of cannabis and Opium were seized.

The Navy continues to provide maritime security, protect strategic targets, cut off supply lines of terrorist elements by sea, and secure economic maritime.

The tactical formations and Border Guards continue to conduct joint patrols with the Police, where more than 1080 checkpoints and security patrols were conducted on the main roads and desert areas, assuming full control of the border areas on all strategic directions to eliminate the infrastructure of terrorist elements, the statement read.

Egypt has been struggling for years to contain terrorist activities in Sinai. Many military operations have been carried out by the army and police forces, killing hundreds of militants and building a buffer zone along the border with Gaza, so that the Egyptian authorities can curb the flow of militants and weapons infiltrating through underground tunnels.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi authorized the army chief of staff to use “all brute force” against terrorism. In February, the Egyptian Armed Forces launched a full-scale military operation titled "Sinai 2018" to confront terrorist elements in Sinai and other areas across the country. Military spokesman Tamer el-Rafei announced a major military operation to purge the country from terrorism.



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