FILE - Police traffic control room FILE - Police traffic control room

Electronic stickers to be put on vehicles: Security sources

Mon, Jul. 23, 2018
CAIRO - 23 July 2018: The Ministry of Interior prepared a plan to put electronic stickers on vehicles providing them with electronic identities and carrying all their data. As such, they would be connected to cameras and traffic police control rooms, sources revealed to Egypt Today.

The goal of such a plan is to identify drivers who cause accidents or the traffic law such as driving in the wrong direction or lorry drivers that do not remain in their assigned lanes. The new system would also contribute in detecting smuggled vehicles as well as finding stolen ones.

The sources did not uncover when that system would be put into practice; however, they said that new laws are being drafted in order to curb traffic accidents, already high in the country. That is in addition to increasing radar detectors.

The draft law comprises speed tranches so as fines would be set accordingly. Also, perpetrators of traffic accidents would be penalized depending on the amount of losses.

Human error accounted for 72 percent of accidents, according to the Central Agency for Statistics and Public Mobilization. Technical problems in vehicles caused 18.2 percent of accidents while road problems accounted for 3.1 percent.
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