Egyptian-Sudanese committee to meet in Cairo in August: Radi



Sat, 21 Jul 2018 - 10:56 GMT


Sat, 21 Jul 2018 - 10:56 GMT

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and his Sudanese counterpart President Omar
Bashir in Khartoum on July 19, 2018 - Press Photo

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and his Sudanese counterpart President Omar Bashir in Khartoum on July 19, 2018 - Press Photo

CAIRO – 21 July 2018: “An Egyptian-Sudanese committee will meet in Cairo in August with the membership of both countries’ foreign ministers and executive concerned parties,” said Presidential spokesperson Bassam Radi.

Radi revealed the committee will approve the mutual projects between Cairo and Khartoum, followed by a meeting at the ministerial level in the same month. “The committee will be in charge of the mutual projects and make sure they all work upon the scheduled timetable.”

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has arrived to Cairo after a two-day trip to Sudan, where he met with his counterpart Omar Bashir along with senior state officials. Both leaders discussed many issues of mutual concerns such as bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries at various levels, in addition to tackling regional and global developments, as well as Arab and African issues.

The Egyptian-Sudanese relations have witnessed sincere endeavors from both sides at the political level, the matter which reformulated the bilateral bonds and encouraged for more cooperation in various spheres,” stressed Radi.

Sisi met with Sudan’s First Vice President Bakri Hassan Salih and held a meeting with Sudanese political figures and intellectuals. President Sisi hailed the spirit of cooperation between the two countries and called on the two countries’ political leadership to promote bilateral relations, added Radi.

Meanwhile, Sudan's first vice-president expressed Sudan's appreciation for Egypt's leadership and people, welcoming Sudan as the destination of President El Sisi's first foreign visit in his new presidential term, as was the case at the start of his first term in 2014.

Caption: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi receives at his residency in Khartoum Sudan’s First Vice President Bakri Hassan Salih on July 20, 2018 - Press Photo

President Sisi said, in press remarks on Friday during a meeting with Sudanese prominent figures and elite persons, that his current visit to Sudan ensures strong and solid relations binding Cairo and Khartoum.

Sisi pointed out that there are meaningful cooperation opportunities between both countries, citing the project of operating train trips from Cairo to Khartoum as well as the power linkage project.

"We are currently in dire need of promoting these bonds, mainly amid challenges facing both our countries," Sisi said.

As for Egypt's economic reforms, Sisi lauded the Egyptian people who endured the tough economic reform program that Egypt has adopted, attributing its success to the Egyptians themselves not to the political leadership or government.

Sisi emphasized that the exchange of visits between the two countries underscores the commitment to further advancing bilateral relations and to foiling any attempts to disturb them, pointing out that Egypt's foreign policy is based on entrenched principles of non-interference in others' internal affairs, not to conspire against any country, and to extend bonds of cooperation, development and peace within a firm framework of mutual respect and shared interests.

“President Sisi discussed the comprehensive economic reform program currently underway in Egypt, as well as measures undertaken to provide a climate conducive to investment,” according to a presidential statement issued Friday.

“Sisi also reviewed the numerous mega projects currently being implemented, notably infrastructure projects and the establishment of new cities across the country, underlining the Egyptian people's awareness and understanding of the nature of this period,” the statement read.

Egyptian First Lady Entisar al-Sisi was warmly received by her Sudanese counterpart in Khartoum on Friday, as Bashir’s wife expressed her sincere welcome to receive Egypt’s first lady, who was in the company of her husband, President Sisi, during the two-day visit.

Egyptian First Lady Entisar al-Sisi and her Sudanese counterpart met in Khartoum on July 20, 2018 - Press Photo



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