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EgyptAir operates 110 international, local flights from Cairo Airport

Fri, Jul. 13, 2018
CAIRO – 13 July 2018: EgyptAir operates 110 international and local flights from Cairo International Airport on Friday carrying 9,210 passengers to different destinations.

The flights include 87 international and commercial ones, and 23 other internal flights heading to local airports.

A source at the airport assured that the air traffic is normal, and departure times went according to the schedule, not affected by the fire broke out Thursday night at a petrochemicals plant near the airport.

Residents near the Cairo International Airport’s perimeters heard a loud explosion around 11:00 pm on Thursday, reporting on social media that they saw high flames rising.

The explosion took place at the Heliopolis For Chemical Industries Company outside the Cairo International Airport's perimeters, with preliminary reports suggesting the reason is the high temperature caused by the hot weather.

Immediately as the explosion broke out, 12 fire trucks, two water tanks, dozens of security vans and ambulances were dispatched to the scene to contain the situation.
The ministry’s spokesperson affirmed that the flights at the airport were not at all affected by the explosion.
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