Police returns Shorouk-city kidnapped child safely to family



Sun, 08 Jul 2018 - 09:08 GMT


Sun, 08 Jul 2018 - 09:08 GMT

Hisham Samy surrounded by Special Forces officers after releasing him from capture - Press photo

Hisham Samy surrounded by Special Forces officers after releasing him from capture - Press photo

CAIRO - 8 July 2018: Security forces managed to return a kidnapped child safely to his family on Sunday, after 6-day abduction by a gang captured him from a private car in front of his house.

Hisham Samy, 7, was kidnapped from the car of a friend of his mother after a school day outside his paternal grandparents’ villa at Shorouk City, upscale compound in northeast Cairo, by an armed men in a private car who terrorized the lady, took the child from her and ran away.

After reporting the police and sharing the child’s photos on social media, the grandfather of Hisham received a phone call from the kidnappers demanding a $100,000 ransom to release the child. Interior Ministry tracked the phone calls between the family and kidnappers, checked the surveillance cameras at the incident’s site, and requested the family to obey the gang in order to catch them and return the child safely.

“The National Security sector, General Security and Cairo Security Directorate have united their efforts to identify the abductors and spot their location,” the interior ministry said in official statement released Sunday following releasing the child, revealing that they asked the grandfather to pay the ransom in order to secure more time.

“After legalizing the procedures, the security forces, cooperating with the Special Operations Forces, managed to locate the child’s place and return him safely to his family.

Hisham with his grandfather

“The forces arrested the seven perpetrators from an apartment at Boulaq al-Dakrour in Giza governorate, possessing some of the ransom, weapons and the car used in the kidnapping incident,” the statement reads, adding that abductors are being interrogated by the concerned apparatuses.

The alleged kidnappers

The relieved family thanked the interior ministry and police forces for their efforts and for responding to their report quickly.

“Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfik has promised to return my grandson safely, and he kept his word,” the grandfather of the child told the press.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the family has financial disputes with some persons, which negates the possibility of being a random kidnapping incident.

Hisham with his family and police officers after releasing him

In his first comments after the release, Hisham told Egypt that he was drugged after taking form his mother’s friend’s car, adding that he was staying with three persons at the apartment he was led to.

“They woke me up to eat, hours later taking me from the car,” Hisham told Egypt Today on Sunday. “They almost beat me when I asked about the time, telling me that I can return home after my grandpa pays the money,” he added, while assuring his well being and his readiness to identify the defendants before the prosecution office.



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