Egyptian MPs discuss human rights status with U.S. senator



Thu, 18 May 2017 - 04:19 GMT


Thu, 18 May 2017 - 04:19 GMT

The United States Capitol - Photo courtesy of Architect of the Capitol

The United States Capitol - Photo courtesy of Architect of the Capitol

CAIRO – 18 May 2017: Chairmen of the human rights and industry committees in the Egyptian parliament met with American Senator Ted Cruz in Washington Thursday, to discuss human rights status in Egypt and the Middle East, according to a Parliamentary statement.

Alaa Abed, the head of the parliament's Human Rights Committee, and Ahmed Samir, head of the Industry Committee left for Washington Tuesday, on a mission to discuss counterterrorism efforts, human rights issues and the political and economic situation with a number of high-rank officials and parliament members, according to a statement by Abed.

During the meeting, Abed confirmed that all prisoners in Egypt are detained according to official verdicts issued by the state’s dignified judicial system, stressing that Egypt is fully committed to the rules of the constitution and the Egyptian law, which apply to everyone.

The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is spreading false information, lies and fabrications regarding human rights abuses in Egypt, Abed told Cruz, affirming that these allegations are totally void.

Abed further added that the parliament’s human rights committee has made several visits to Egyptian prisons and met with the detainees, including members of the Brotherhood. The prisoners confirmed that they have not been subject to any kind of torture or maltreatment, Abed told Cruz, regardless of their political or partisan affiliations.

The prisoners confirmed that they are enjoying all of their rights, according to the constitution and the law, Abed stated.

Cruz praised Egypt’s role, led by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, in dealing with regional and international issues, as well as its efforts in combating terrorism, the statement read, adding that the American senator expressed his country’s support to Egypt and its counterterrorism endeavors.

The parliamentary delegation is set to pursue intensive meetings with leaders and members of the Congress to “expose the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and amend Americans’ vision of the real situation in Egypt,” Abed stated.

Cruz has also responded to the parliamentarians’ invitation to visit Egypt in August, the statement read.

In the framework of a broad campaign against Egyptian authorities and the judicial and prison systems, the International Coalition for Egyptians Abroad (ICEGA), founded by the Brotherhood after the June 30 events, had published a statement Wednesday, accusing the judiciary system of turning a blind eye to “illegal physical abuses, systematic torture and slow murder taking place in the prisons by security forces.” The statement referred to “former President Mohamed Morsi’s cry in court and (Deputy Chairman of Wasat Party) Essam Soltan’s blackout as evidence for these abuses.”



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