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Twitter hashtag supporting Sisi trends for 2nd consecutive day

Sat, Jun. 23, 2018
CAIRO – 23 June 2018: For the second day in a row, a large set of Twitter users in Egypt have circulated heavily a hashtag supporting President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, who has been sworn in for a second term early this month.

The hashtag #السيسى_زعيمى_وأفتخر, meaning Sisi is my leader and I am proud, has gone viral with more than 37,000 retweets, expressing solidarity and unity with Sisi’s efforts since he has come to power in 2014, most notably, how he conquered the infamous Muslim Brotherhood and fought terrorism until the brink of eradication.

A twitter user called Bent El-Mu3ez (@GOGOMO222) wrote “Long live Egypt and long live Sisi, the survivor of Egypt from destruction, displacement, backwardness, and ignorance. Long live Egypt under Sisi’s rule.”


While Samah Roshdy (@samah_roshy) wrote “Trust in Allah and do not pay attention to those who seeks destruction. Those will fall and you will rise with your people’s support.”


Another user called #السيسي_رئيسي (@ezatelbaz) wrote “I prefer to liken Sisi to a surgeon who stopped Egypt’s bleeding on June 30, fought the cancer of terrorism, and started development to help the nation recovers.”


Another hashtag was initiated in Oct. 2017 by the official twitter account of “Alashan Tbneeha” (To Build It) campaign, @presidentEgyptt, namely #صوتنا_للسيسي (Arabic for Our vote for Sisi); it cropped up Twitter’s trends by more than 73,600 tweets and 68,500 retweets in only one day according to Trendsmap - Analytics.

To Build It, was a public campaign that kicked off in Sep. 2017 to demand President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to run for a second term as President of Egypt; it witnessed a remarkable turnout by citizens and renowned figures of the Egyptian society as the signatures phase of the campaign was launched.

The main aim of the campaign was to gather signatures on a petition that demands a second inauguration of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi as President of Egypt.

It is pertinent to mention that the Egyptian leader garnered 97.08 percent of valid votes in the presidential election, where more than 21.8 million people voted for him. The turnout stood at 24,254,152 voters, representing 41 percent of 50,078,138 registered voters.

In a televised speech after winning the election, Sisi pledged to keep his promise in serving the nation and thanked all Egyptians for trusting him to lead the country.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Zain
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