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Fri, 15 Jun 2018 - 12:32 GMT


Fri, 15 Jun 2018 - 12:32 GMT

The newly appointed minister of health and population Hala Zayed – cc Egypt Today

The newly appointed minister of health and population Hala Zayed – cc Egypt Today

integrated health system by depending on scientific development and qualified youth

CAIRO – 15 June 2018: The newly appointed Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed said during a tour in public hospitals on Friday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr (a Muslim feast to celebrate breaking the fast after the end of the holy month of Ramadan), that President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi directed the ministry to work on applying the new insurance law as soon as possible so citizens can enjoy integrated health care.

The New Health Insurance Law, which consists of 67 articles, was approved in Dec. 18, 2017. Under this law, the government is to fully cover the treatment of citizens who cannot afford it and will improve the quality of medical services in public hospitals by inspecting and supervising medical facilities. The law will be implemented in the duration of 15 years to include all Egyptian governorates.

What you need to know about Egypt's universal health insurance law?

CAIRO - 19 December 2017: Minister of Health and Population Ahmed Emad Eddin Rady announced the approval of the Council of Representatives on all articles of the new comprehensive universal health insurance law after fruitful discussions. The minister praised the role of Members of the Parliament's Health Committee and their keenness to complete the bill and approve it quickly.

Zayed told Egypt Today that the country can build an integrated health system by depending on scientific development and qualified youth. She said also that after the feast vacation she will meet the health leader of the ministry to identify her plan and detect solutions for main challenges facing the health system.

Zayed added that she will count on experienced and qualified cadres to apply the new integrated health system. Mentioning that currently she is revising the implementing regulations of the new insurance law, and there is cooperation with the ministry of finance to provide the needed funds to apply the new health system.

The newly appointed minister of health and population Hala Zayed – cc Egypt Today

The minister pointed out that she is aware of the current health system, plans and strategies of the ministry and ready to put the ministry’s priories on the top of her upcoming decisions, especially improving the qualifications of the human resources.
“I directed all the ministry’s leaders of health affairs departments to tour hospitals to check the quality of work and detect any problems, as we are very keen about citizens’ health care,” Zayed said

Concerning international healthcare standards, she said that they will work hard to make sure that the health sector meets them.

Egypt's new Cabinet sworn-in, 12 new ministers appointed

CAIRO - 14 June 2018: Egypt's new cabinet has sworn-in Thursday, with 12 new ministers taking the oath before President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. Mostafa Madbouly was assigned to be the Prime Minister and the Minister of Housing. A total of 15 deputies to ministers were also appointed.

The newly appointed female minister Hala Zayed for the Health Ministry succeeding Ahmed Emad el-Din; she is the second female minister in the history of the Health Ministry since its establishment in 1937. Hala el-Rabat was the first female minister who held the position from 2013 until 2014.

Zayed was the president of the 57357 Academy of Health Sciences, the chairwoman of the Supreme Committee for Combating Corruption at the Ministry of Health and an advisor to the minister of health and population.

She has a Master’s degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology, followed by a doctorate and Master's degree in Business Administration in addition to supervising a series of national projects in the health sector, in which the World Bank, the World Health Organization and a number of international donors contributed.

She also held other positions like the Director General of the General Department of Hospitals in the Medical Therapy Sector of the Ministry, the Head of the Central Administration for Monitoring and Follow-up and the Head of the Department of Grants and Loans at the Ministry.

For the first time, 8 female ministers in Egypt's Cabinet

CAIRO - 14 June 2018: For the first time in Egyptian history, the Cabinet has a total of eight female ministers. Mostafa Madbouly, the newly appointed prime minister, has appointed two new female ministers, in addition to the existing six in the outgoing Cabinet.

Additional reporting Walid Abdel Salam



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