Parliamentarian proposes draft law for engagement conventions



Sun, 14 May 2017 - 03:22 GMT


Sun, 14 May 2017 - 03:22 GMT

Engagement Ring - Flickr

Engagement Ring - Flickr

CAIRO - 14 May 2017: A new draft law that would incorporate substantial changes into the current legal treatment of engagement conventions in Egypt has been proposed by Parliamentarian Abla al-Hawary on Friday.

Hawary's new law proposes to establish a legally binding contract between fiancé and fiancée. The new law also attempts to bring about palpable changes in Egyptian conventions with regards to engagements.

Among the most noteworthy suggested changes is the duration of the engagement period. Hawary's new system proposes that an engagement period would not exceed a year if it is still to be upheld and regulated by law. She further clarified that couples can be engaged for more than a year if they choose to do so, but in that case the court would not intervene or compensate any affected person, nor would it penalize the person reneging on the proposed engagement contract.

Hawary gave her rationale of the decision saying that it was her professional observation that engagements lasting over more than a year often result in discord and economic burdens on the two families.

If the engagement lasts within the one-year timeframe, then certain legal obligations will be conferred upon the two parties including the imposition of penalties on any member who violates the engagement contract. The move might plausibly render the engagement as legally binding as a marriage.

“My phone hasn’t stopped ringing since I announced the draft law, which means I’m right,” Hawary told Egypt Today.“The contract will guarantee the rights of each party, and the violator should compensate the affected party,” she added. She also clarified the proposed draft law deals with widespread issues and grievances in the Egypt community.

Hawary used to be the advisor for the head of National Council for Women, where claims to have witnessed many of the problems faced by women throughout engagement periods. She devised this particular draft according to her professional observation and prolific work, overseeing engagement dissolutions.

Traditionally, the engagement period in Egypt has been the only culturally acceptable way for a couple to become closely acquainted with one another, since Egyptian conventions of propriety generally prohibit pre-marital relationships.



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