ACA arrests government officials on corruption charges



Fri, 25 May 2018 - 01:34 GMT


Fri, 25 May 2018 - 01:34 GMT

Head of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) Mohamed Erfan - FILE PHOTO

Head of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) Mohamed Erfan - FILE PHOTO

CAIRO - 25 May 2018: Egypt’s highest anti-administrative corruption watchdog, the Administrative Control Authority (ACA), managed to unveil multiple corruption-related cases in different sectors, bringing down entangled officials.

In the following lines, Egypt today provides a quick summary of the most notable corruption cases unveiled lately by the ACA.

In Ismailia, the ACA arrested the technical director of the governorate’s real estate registry office who was found to have been misusing his position in order to legalize an illegal ownership of some citizens’ plots of lands.

Meanwhile in Fayoum, a number of officials serving at the governmental bodies were also arrested on charges of facilitating the misappropriation of plots of land for some citizens.

A representative from a tourist company was also arrested for bribing an employee from the Ministry of Manpower in exchange for money to get 64 people included in the government-sponsored pilgrims travel list.

In the Oncology Department of the main university hospital in one of the governorates, two nurses were arrested for taking drugs worth about LE 1.5 million for profiteering purposes and another auditor for embezzling LE 380,000 that were taken out from the salaries of the medical staff at the hospital.

The ACA also arrested an employee at the Customs Authority who was charged with accepting bribery from a representative of a company – which is in a legal dispute with the authority – for leaking classified documents that can be used in favor of the company that the Authority is legally suing.

In Gharbeya, the director of the contracts department at the housing directorate of the governorate was arrested on charges of accepting bribes from the head of the office of a national newspaper in the governorate to increase the number of the newspapers’ advertisements from the directorate instead of its affiliated online portal.

Also, the ACA managed to arrest staffers at the Ain Spkhna port on charges of seeking briberies in order to facilitate the entry of large shipments of electronic devices to Egypt by defrauding documents.

The ACA is an anti-corruption independent body and reports directly to Egypt’s Primer.



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