Military spokesprson denounces HRW report



Tue, 22 May 2018 - 11:59 GMT


Tue, 22 May 2018 - 11:59 GMT

Military spokesperson-Official Facebook Page

Military spokesperson-Official Facebook Page

CAIRO – 23 May 2018: Egyptian Military spokesperson, Tamer Refaei slammed and denounced Human rights watch (HRW) latest report issued Tuesday, May 22, titled: “Egypt: Army Intensifies Sinai Home Demolitions”. He denied all of the information mention within the report assuring that Sinai’s residents compensations reached LE900 million.

In statements to Egypt Today, Refaei said that HRW report didn’t use any reliable, official or trusted sources, accordingly, he highly doubts all the data contained within the report.

“Egypt’s armed forces are taking all its procedures according to the law and all those affected, got compensations up to LE900 million” Refaei said.

He added that the army was keen to provide all the basic commodities, administrative and medical needs for Sinai residents after cooperating with all o the country’s bodies and organizations.

Earlier, HRW issued a report claiming that Egypt’s army has vastly expanded widespread destruction of homes, commercial buildings, and farms in the North Sinai governorate since February 9, 2018, as part of its military campaign against terrorist groups there.

Earlier in April, HRW issued another report regarding Egypt alleging that Sinai Peninsula is lacking essential food products and medicine supplies because of an ongoing military campaign against terrorist insurgency there. The report was denounced as well by the Military spokesperson.

In a statement published on his official Facebook account, Refaei said that the HRW report came unlike reality and based on unreliable sources.

The military spokesperson added that the Army provides food, medicine and essential products to civilians in North Sinai. He also said that the armed forces coordinate with the government apparatuses to be well prepared for any emergencies.

“The Armed forces secure the arrival of trucks filled with fresh food and dairy products to distribute them later to the local residents,” Refaei stated in his statement.

Egyptian armed forces statements have previously provided facts on the situation in North Sinai, including the distribution process of medical supplies among the residents affected by the ongoing military campaign against terrorism.

About 22 statements were released by the military on a regular basis during the past period. The reports included specific details regarding the updates in Sinai.

Egypt and specially Sinai residents suffered from several terrorist attacks during the past years, which demanded a firm response of the government.

On February 9, Egypt launched “Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018” in North Sinai, Central Sinai, the Nile Delta and the Western Desert along the border with Libya.

The operation showed the high efficiency of the Egyptian military and police in combating terrorism threats, without causing any danger to citizens.

The operation came in response to the Rawda mosque attack near Al-Arish, which killed at least 313 and injured dozens in last November. The attack was deemed to be the deadliest in modern Egyptian history.



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