Private sector key partner in giant projects: Al-Assar



Tue, 22 May 2018 - 09:36 GMT


Tue, 22 May 2018 - 09:36 GMT

FILE - Minister of State for Military Production, Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar

FILE - Minister of State for Military Production, Mohammed Saeed Al-Assar

CAIRO - 22 May 2018: Minister of State for Military Production Mohamed Said el Assar said that there is great cooperation with the private sector which is considered a key partner in implementing several mammoth national projects.

The Minister said during a press conference on the ministry's projects on Tuesday that 75 percent of the Egyptian economy depends on the private sector, noting that giant projects being implemented by the state are carried out in tandem with the private sector and foreign partners.

"The ministry is fostering cooperation with all ministries and governorates, Egypt's first defense exhibition EDEX 2018 due to be held in December will be an international event, the preparations are underway to render the expo successful." Al Assar said.

He said contracts have been signed for almost half of the expo area so far. Meanwhile, he urged people to visit the ministry's 22 outlets nationwide as they showcase high quality products at competitive prices.

He added that the military production is a non-profit entity, noting that its main goal is the satisfaction of citizens as well as seeking to reduce importation and produce 100 percent Egyptian-made products.

Al Assar also confirmed that the ministry aims to produce huge projects in coordination with all the ministries such as the Ministry of Solidarity to establish an anti-addiction center and with the Ministry of Health to establish cancerous tumors company.

The Ministry also cooperates with China to establish a huge project to produce solar panels, as well as a production line which has been opened with Maz Trucks which also produce security gates and bag detectors.

“Currently, the Ministry will operate a factory for electrical elevators and a company for medical devices and security surveillance devices, also studying with a Chinese company to manufacture of electric cars in Egypt,” the Minister said.

Al-Assar revealed that the Ministry is cooperating well with Egyptian scientists abroad to produce Egyptian computer.

He stressed that some military production companies need an update. Therefore, a company affiliated to the Ministry of Planning was contracted to restructure companies and factories. The ministry owns 20 companies and 17 factories, stressing that the road to development and construction is still extended.



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