Police officer Al-Hayes returns Egypt after treatment



Sun, 20 May 2018 - 07:36 GMT


Sun, 20 May 2018 - 07:36 GMT

Police officer Al-Haies returns Egypt after treatment – Youm7 photo

Police officer Al-Haies returns Egypt after treatment – Youm7 photo

CAIRO – 20 May 2018: Egyptian police captain Mohamed al-Hayes arrived late Sunday at the Cairo International Airport coming from Geneva where he received treatment for injuries he suffered in clashes with terrorists during a previous security crackdown.

Al-Hayes has left Cairo on December 3 with his father and a special medical team, to undergo a knee operation. One of his family said that Al-Hayes’ health is stable now.

A campaign was carried out last October by the police against foreign fighters linked to al-Qaeda who had been operating in Egypt’s western desert since January 2017. A fierce battle erupted between the two sides near Giza-Wahat road leaving 16 police members killed while Captain Al-Hayes was held captive by the terrorists.

Following the battle between Egyptian forces and militants on October 20, new clashes erupted between the two sides on Oct. 27. Fifteen militants were killed during the clashes, which took place along the Wadi Gadid-Wahat Road.

After being rescued, Al-Hayes was transferred to a military hospital where he receives necessary medical treatment.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry followed the terrorists behind the October attack, with the aim of eliminating them.

Here is what you need to know about Al-Wahat’s militants:

1. Al-Wahat’s armed group was established by 13 militants.
2. They used military uniforms to move easily.
3. The group was planning several future terrorist attacks.
4. It aimed to recruit other young people.
5. Several explosive belts and weapons were found with them.
6. The militants used sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and motorcycles to move within the Western Desert.



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