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Mon, 14 May 2018 - 05:02 GMT


Mon, 14 May 2018 - 05:02 GMT

FILE – Egyptian Parliament

FILE – Egyptian Parliament

CAIRO – 14 May 2018: With a busy day in Parliament over, Egypt Today provides a comprehensive wrap up of the Egyptian Parliament’s proceedings for the day.

Egypt's Parliament initials cybercrimes bill



a cybercrime bill on Monday aiming at combating the illegal use of computers and information networks. The Anti-Cyber and Information Technology Crimes Law defines commonly used concepts such as “websites, traffic data, digital directory, personal statements and national security”.

The bill regulates Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) activities and their obligation to provide national security authorities with information on users suspected of spreading terrorist and extremist ideologies via the internet. It also aims at securing personal data of internet users. Accordingly, article 18 offers punishment of not less than one month in prison or a fine of not less than LE 50,000 ($2,800) and not more than LE 100,000 for anyone who breaches or harms someone’s personal email account or website.

A hand typing on a keyboard – Pixabay/fancycrave1

Parliament approves draft law of clinical trials

The Egyptian House of Representatives, headed by Ali Abdel Aal,


on Sunday the draft law of clinical trials, which governs the organization of clinical medical research in Egypt. Clinical trials are the tests conducted on human participants, or groups of humans, in order to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of newly developed medications or medical devices. This law has raised many concerns over the ethical nature and legality of the process.

Parliament approves draft law on Sheikhs

The House of Representatives headed by Dr. Ali Abdel Aal approved in its Plenary Session Monday a draft law submitted by the deputies to amend the provisions of Law No. 58 of 1978 concerning sheikhs; the draft law was sent to the State Council for review.

The report of the Committee on Defence and National Security, which discussed the draft laws submitted by Deputies Herkel Abdelkader, Osman Montasser, Nabil Abu Basha and Numan Fathy, recommended the practical application of the law, especially with regard to the requirement that stipulates that all Sheikhs should be diploma holders.

FILE - Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ali Abdel Aal

Approval of the Upper Egypt Development Authority as a whole, but final approval postponed

The House of Representatives approved the report of the joint committee of the Local Administration Committee and the Committees of Housing, Public utilities, Reconstruction, Planning and budget, Defence and National Security, and Economic Affairs in the House of Representatives on a bill submitted by the government to set up the Upper Egypt Development Authority, as a whole. However, the final approval was postponed to the next meeting.

During the session, the committee explained that the draft law comes from the desire of the state to implement its constitutional commitment stipulated in Article 236, P. 1, of the Constitution, which reads, “the State shall ensure the development and implementation of a plan for economic, including that of Upper Egypt, Sinai, Matrouh and Nubia regions, with the participation of its people in development projects and prioritizing that the people benefit from these projects, while also taking into account the cultural and environmental patterns of the local community within ten years from the date of implementation of this Constitution.”

Parliament allows the Ministry of Petroleum to carry out oil-exploration in North Sinai

The House of Representatives approved on Sunday a draft law submitted by the government to allow the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to carry out oil-exploration in North Sinai. The Minister will now be able to carry out contracts with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, as well as Perenco Oil and Gas in North Sinai, to explore for oil, as per the Commitment Agreement for the Search and Exploitation of Petroleum in the North Sinai Sea Region under Law No. 7 of 1922, as amended by Law No. 20 of 1994.

Parliament has also approved amending the Commitment Agreement for the Search and Exploitation of Petroleum in the Abu Sinan area, Western Sahara, promulgated by law No. 69 of 2006.



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