Investigation continues into Polish tourist’s death in Egypt



Wed, 10 May 2017 - 09:40 GMT


Wed, 10 May 2017 - 09:40 GMT

Magdalena Zuk Polish Tourist

Magdalena Zuk Polish Tourist

CAIRO – 10 May 2017: In the presence of a Polish detective, Egypt's Forensic Authority completed on Wednesday the autopsy of the Polish tourist, Magdalena Zuk, who passed away earlier this month in Marsa Alam.

The autopsy was conducted under the supervision of an Egyptian prosecution team which will announce the examination’s final results as soon as possible.

Several Polish media reports claimed that Zuk was a victim of rape and sexual violence. The Egyptian hospital, which provided treatment to Zuk, denied this claim, saying that she committed suicide in the hospital due to her unstable mental state.

A source from the Tourism Police said that the Polish tourist had arrived in Egypt on April 25 and was due to leave on May 2. However, she could not get on the plane because she was drunk.

“The Polish tourist had consumed a large amount of alcohol and started to take off her clothes in the airport, therefore the pilot refused to allow her on board the flight,” the source said.

Then, Zuk was transferred to a private hospital in Port Ghalib, where she was tied to her bed; as she repeatedly tried to commit suicide. Two nurses were tasked to observe the tourist in the hospital, however she managed to untie herself and jump from her room’s window on the first floor.

Zuk was transferred to another hospital in the Red Sea governorate suffering fatal injuries caused sustained from hitting the ground. She stayed under intensive care, but she passed away shortly afterward.

A statement issued by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday said that it is communicating closely with the investigation team led by Egypt's Prosecution Office.



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