Part of EgyptAir's delegation visit to Everett factory in USA - Press photo Part of EgyptAir's delegation visit to Everett factory in USA - Press photo

EgyptAir to operate three new flights from Kuwait to Cairo, Sohag

Wed, Apr. 11, 2018
KUWAIT CITY - 11 April 2018: Regional Director of Egyptair Fathi Nazih said three new flights will be operated weekly from Kuwait to Egypt including two flights to Sohag and a third to Cairo as part of the company's plan to provide more services to its customers in Kuwait.

Interviewed by MENA, Nazih said the flights will be operated as of April 20, noting that Sohag flights will be scheduled two days per week and will be increased in future.

As for Cairo flights, three daily flights are currently scheduled by the national carrier, the official said, adding that a fourth flight will be operated.

He also said flights coming from Kuwait to other Egyptian airports include Luxor, Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh.

As per preparations of EgyptAir to the Egyptians' vacation season, Nazih said a plan has been outlined to meet the increasing needs of Egyptian passengers from Kuwait, noting that this year's vacations will coincide with Ramadan and Eidul Fitr feast so the company is planning to increase its flights to be five daily flights between Cairo and Kuwait.

Nazih also reviewed a number of services offered by EgyptAir to Egyptian customers including the luggage handling services, reduced price tickets as well as check-in measures through mobile applications.
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