MAU flights between Kyiv, Cairo are totally new service: Ukrainian amb.


Mon, 09 Apr 2018 - 01:05 GMT

FILE: Cairo International Airport

FILE: Cairo International Airport

CAIRO - 9 April 2018: Ukrainian Ambassador in Cairo Hennadii Latii said Monday that direct air flights that have been launched by "MAU Ukraine International Airlines" from Kyiv, to Cairo since Friday are part of a completely new service and not a resumption of previous Ukrainian flights.

In a statement to MENA, the Ukrainian ambassador dismissed several reports carried by a number of newspapers and websites that the flights between Kyiv and Саirо wеrе halted for two years after the Russian plane crash in 2015, pointing out that these flights had been halted 13 years ago by Ukrainian саrriеr "Aerosvit" that has nothing to dо with "Ukraine International Airlines" which execute direct flights nowadays.

Latii urged media outlets to seek accuracy while reporting to avoid linking Ukraine with other countries.

Earlier, Latii stressed the importance of launching regular flights provided by MAU between Cairo and Kyiv, saying that such a step would contribute to boosting relations between both countries and could ease the exchange of visits by businessmen, intellectuals and students and increase the number of Ukrainian tourists visiting Egypt.



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