Violations voters should avoid during presidential election



Mon, 26 Mar 2018 - 08:33 GMT


Mon, 26 Mar 2018 - 08:33 GMT

2018 presidential election - Egypt Today

2018 presidential election - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 26 March 2018: During the three-day election, Egyptian voters should avoid certain actions considered as violations against the election law. Some of these violations are punishable by up to five years in jail.

Citizens should avoid the following actions during elections

• Registered voters should not fail to cast their ballot without an excuse. The violation is punishable by a LE500 fine.

• Assaulting the head of the polling station, or any of its members, is punishable by five years in jail.

• Any official who makes an action that hinders the voting process will face a five-year sentence.

• In case a citizen insulted or intimidated a member of the polling station, he / she will receive a two-year sentence and a fine not less than LE2000 and not more than LE5000.

• Those who threaten the safety of the voting process will be sentenced to two-fiveyears in Jail.

• Vandalizing properties or transportation means used for the election will have perpetrators jailed for three years, besides receiving a fine of not more than LE30,000 and not less than LE5000.

• Hiding or destroying a document essential for the election, in order to disrupt it, is punishable by two years in Jail.

• Using violence, intimidation and bribery to either prevent a citizen from voting, or force him/her to vote for a certain candidate is punishable by a one-year sentence and a fine not more than LE5000 and notless than LE1000.

• Those who are denied the right to vote shall be jailed for a month and fined LE500 if they tryto vote.



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