Touring Egypt with NYPD group: different origins, one message



Sat, 24 Mar 2018 - 07:17 GMT


Sat, 24 Mar 2018 - 07:17 GMT

NYPD delegation during their visit to Egypt, Saturday March 24, 2018 – Photo by Hussein Talal/Egypt Today

NYPD delegation during their visit to Egypt, Saturday March 24, 2018 – Photo by Hussein Talal/Egypt Today

CAIRO – 24 March 2018: A New York City Police Department (NYPD) delegation visiting Egypt seems to be having fun more than anything else. Wearing t-shirts bearing both the American and Egyptian flags, the delegation enjoyed a tanoura dance as part of the welcoming party at Cairo International Airport, before going on to visit the Egyptian Museum.


“This is a miracle visit to me. I’ve always dreamt of visiting Egypt, but never got the chance, and without the invitation that we received from the Egyptian authorities, I would never be able to do it,” Eddie, a member of the NYPD delegation, told Egypt Today as they roamed the Egyptian Museum during the first day of their visit.

“Reading about Egypt in the history books and the Bible made me wanted to visit it,” Eddie added. He said that the country means a lot to him; “first, as it was mentioned in Christianity, and second for what it’s known of being a historically rich country.”


A delegation of 90 NYPD officers arrived in Cairo Saturday morning with their families following an invitation from the Egyptian authorities. “We are hoping to further enhance the American-Egyptian relations in the future,” Shawky, an NYPD officer of Yemeni origins, said to Egypt Today as he was enjoying the tour.

Shawky started by saying that this is his third visit to the country. “I came here many times before,” he said. He added that his father was born in Yemen, and years later, they moved to the United States and stayed there since then.


Standing with his friends Hary and Ibraham, Shawky praised Egypt, saying, “It’s a wonderful country, Egyptians are looking great.”

The multiracial American delegation started its tour with the Egyptian Museum and plans to spend three more days in Cairo. Later, they will visit Giza, Luxor and Hurghada governorates during an eight-day vacation.

“In New York, we struggle with similar terrorist incidents like what happened in Cairo and Sinai previously. We know what it is like and we are here today to show support,” Hary, who is of Egyptian origins, told Egypt Today. “We are here to send a message to the whole world: come and visit Egypt; it’s a safe and beautiful country,” he added.


“People get nervous sometimes when they hear about an incident or attack that takes place. It’s the news and how you read it. Sometimes it exaggerates things and makes people think twice. But reality is something else,” Shawky said as they were waiting in line to enter the museum.

Officers Chris and David agreed with their colleague, saying that Egypt is one of the most interesting and important countries, which one should visit at least once during his lifetime. They expressed their gratitude for the welcoming party they found at Cairo International Airport after their arrival.

The NYPD delegation seems to be full of diversity. Different opinions, impressions and races were walking around Cairo’s streets wearing unified t-shirts and enjoying their vacation. Pierre Gerges, the officer responsible for the U.S. delegation, said that the delegation includes officers of different nationalities and origins. He explained that they came with their families just to have fun.




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