Qatar designates 19 individuals, 8 entities as terrorists



Thu, 22 Mar 2018 - 08:51 GMT


Thu, 22 Mar 2018 - 08:51 GMT

Flag of Qatar - Photo courtesy of Flacker Photo Creative

Flag of Qatar - Photo courtesy of Flacker Photo Creative

CAIRO – 22 March 2018: Qatar placed 19 individuals and eight entities, including the Islamic State's (IS) "Sinai Province", on its terror list on Thursday.

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NATC) in the Qatari Ministry of Interior announced the placement of 11 Qataris, four Egyptians, two Jordanians and two Saudi Arabians on the terror list.

Qatari Abdel Rahman Omair Rashd al-Nuaimi, placed on the sanctions list by the U.S. Treasury for terrorism financing, has now also been placed on the Qatari list. According to the U.S., Nuaimi supported al-Qaeda in Syria with large sums of money, and also financed al- Qaeda in Iraq in 2001.

Other Qatari individuals placed on the list include: Saad bin Saad Mohammed al-Kaabi, Abdullatif bin Abdullah al-Kuwari, Ibrahim Eissa Al-Hajji Mohammed Al-Baker, Mubarak Mohammed al-Ajji, Khalid Saeed al-Bounein, Rachid Salem Rachid, Mohmmed Faysal Hamad Al-Suaidi, Mohammed Jaber Salim Meshaab, Abdullah Soliman Saad and Abdullah Shaker Shams Al-Deen Al-Shaibani.

Saudi individuals include Ibrahim Mohamed Abdul Rahman Al-Bawardy and Abdullah al-Muhaysini.

The Egyptian individuals are: Dahi Mohamed Mostafa Senger, Ahmed Samir Al-Habib, Ahmed Eid Salem Al-Hegawi and Hassan Saad Shetewi. The Jordanian individuals are brothers Abd al-Malik and Ashraf Muhammad Yusuf Uthman.

The Qatari list also included eight entities, including the Islamic State's Sinai Province in Egypt and Al-Ihsan Charitable Society in Yemen. Al-Ihsan is a charitable organization, led by alleged al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and supported by Abdullah Mohammed al-Yazidi.

Although Al-Ihsan has been designated as a terrorist organization by the Arab Quartet – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain – since July 2017, however the organization has denied any connection with terrorist entities.

In November 2017, the Quartet issued a statement that designated the International Islamic Coordinating Council (IICC) and the World Union for Muslim Scholars, as terrorists, in addition to 11 individuals.

Arab Quartet adds 2 entities, 11 individuals to terror list

CAIRO - 23 November 2017: The Arab Quartet consists of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates and Bahrain- added two entities and 11 individuals to its terror list on Wednesday.

The Quartet also placed nine entities in July on the terror list, including: Rahma Charitable Organization, Tanasuh Foundation for Dawa, Culture and Media, Al-Saraya Media Center, the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, Boshra News Agency, Rafallah Sahati Brigade, and Nabaa TV in Libya.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have turned on Qatar since June 5, with a complete air and trade boycott over allegations of its support of terrorism, which Doha repeatedly denies.

The Arab Quartet issued 13 demands to Doha – later shortened to six principles – which included turning down the provocative voice of its news channel, Al-Jazeera, curbing relations with Iran, and halting its intervention in the domestic issues of the Arab nations.



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