Egypt soon to have its first own social media platform: Min.



Tue, 13 Mar 2018 - 10:00 GMT


Tue, 13 Mar 2018 - 10:00 GMT

FILE – Social media screenshot – Egypt Today

FILE – Social media screenshot – Egypt Today

CAIRO – 13 March 2018: “Soon, Egypt will have its own social media platform, which will be a competitor to Facebook,” Communications Minister Yasser Al-Qadi said on Monday.

Qadi’s statement came on the second day of the “Combat Terrorism” workshop, a two-day workshop held by the Ministry of Justice for judges and prosecutors to raise their technological awareness.

He added that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology undertook the cybercrimes project in coordination with the Ministry of Justice.

“After the January 25 Revolution, extremist groups have been able to attract the youth with personality disorders through technological means, so we had to control different social media and digital apps and platforms,” Qadi revealed.

The law aims to organize the electronic and online system in Egypt and to raise security measures concerning people’s personal information safety on the internet.

The law was agreed upon by the Cabinet and will be introduced in the Parliament for discussion.

Qadi added, “Some mobile applications offer a big chance for extremists to reveal all user data, his friends’ and family’s as well,” declaring that he does not use “Truecaller” for this reason.

Since the release of Truecaller, rumors of security issues have been hovering around it.

According to a report from Hong Kong investigative news agency Factwire, apps like CM Security, Sync.ME and Truecaller have built up databases with billions of people's phone numbers, including top politicians in Hong Kong and the UK, as mentioned by BBC News.



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