Pope Francis arrives at Air Defense Stadium to lead the holy mass Pope Francis arrives at Air Defense Stadium to lead the holy mass

UPDATED: Pope Francis leads holy mass on 2nd day of Cairo visit

Sat, Apr. 29, 2017
CAIRO – 29 April 2017: Pope Francis gave his blessings to the attendees of the holy mass, and called for taking a holy communion. The mass was held at the Air Defense Stadium in New Cairo, Saturday.

Pope of the Vatican started his sermon with “Al Salam Aleikom” (Arabic for Peace “peace be upon you”). He later went on to talk about God’s will that is all about “love, forgiveness and life.”

"True faith is what makes us more loving, sincere and human. It is that which refreshes the hearts, and drives them to the love of all without distinction,” the Pope said. “True faith is what makes us spread the culture of dialogue and brotherhood, and gives us the courage to forgive those who harm us,cover the needy and feed the hungry."

Pope Francis also gave his blessings to two newlyweds who attended the mass and a number of elderly and sick Egyptians.

The mass witnessed the presence of 25,000 citizens from all over the country, as well as a number of public and political figures, ambassadors, politicians and diplomats.
Pope Francis arrived in a convertible Golf car and toured the stadium in a glorified reception ceremony, before starting his holy sermon.

Following the mass, the Pope is set to head to the Seminary College of Coptic Catholics in Maadi district, south of Cairo.

Pope Francis leads holy mass at Air Defense Stadium

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