The Libyan delegation meeting with Egyptian officials- press photo The Libyan delegation meeting with Egyptian officials- press photo

Egypt's officials meet Libyan delegation

Wed, Feb. 21, 2018
CAIRO – 21 February 2018: Egyptian Officials assigned to unify the Libyan military forces met Libyan Army delegation in Cairo on Tuesday in order to continue the discussions started on February 16th.

The meetings deeply discussed the methods to unify and restructure the Libyan Military forces after a long split that was led to by the outbreak of the Libyan revolution in 2011.

The Libyan delegation highlighted the gains of unifying Libyan Army’s warring factions, as every Libyan now believes that a united Libyan Army represents a cornerstone of Libya’s national security.

The Libyan delegation members asserted through a statement that a unified Army will protect the State’s national interests in the future, including the protection of any elections held in the future.

The delegation noticed that the international society is full of praise for the whole process of unifying the Army, as the meetings are considered to be unbiased and in the favor of the national interest.

The delegation’s statement assured that the Army will not play any political or sectarian role in the Libyan Arena, as it will carry out its duty as a professional institution assigned to protect the State’s interests and borders.

The delegation’s statement said more meetings to be held in the Egyptian Capital of Cairo in March in order to continue unifying process.

Egypt has launched an initiative in 2017 to unify the warring factions of the Libyan Army in order to restore the absent State.
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